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InCoWriMo letter writing

InCoWriMo – Write a Letter Every Day in February

Ever since one of my best friends sent me a postcard from back home, I’ve wanted to try writing my own letters and postcards too. I always loved receiving letters from friends and family and I love sending a hand-written note back. Unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping up with that goal lately, but I’ve found…

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Dear 2016: My Letter to the New Year

Dear 2016: I’ve tried to write this letter a thousand times and each time I could never get my words quite right. I started with just a list at first, a list of all the things I hope to change about myself this year. It wasn’t quite right though. See, I’ve never been one for…

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Paris terror attack peace sign

Paris Terror Attack: My Thoughts One Week Later

One week has passed and I still can’t think about the Paris terror attack without having to fight back tears. It’s been one week since 129 innocent people were heartlessly killed in the Paris attack and I still don’t know how to process it. One week since I messaged friends from Paris to see if…

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