Back to Reality – New Year and a New Job!

RedLeaf Spain

Fresh update from the air! Seriously, I’m posting this from my flight from Dubrovnik to Madrid. Hats off to Norwegian Airlines for providing free WiFi on this 3 hours flight. The modern marvels of technology, am I right? I still miss the days of free snacks and drinks on flights, but that’s another topic for…

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Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls

Plitvice Lakes: How My Dream Destination Was Almost Ruined

Hey! I know I haven’t published in a bit. Between pre-trip planning, packing, and you know, actually arriving in and enjoying Croatia, things have been a little hectic around here. And speaking of hectic, that word doesn’t even begin to describe what our first full day in Croatia was like. After arriving in Zagreb on…

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My Spanish Visa – Three Years Later

Doesn’t the timing of something sometimes surprise you? I was just going through some old journals of mine that I came across today and I found an entry from three years ago. It was an entry all about my thoughts about moving abroad because three ago today I received my visa to move to Spain….

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Spanish wedding bride

Spanish Wedding Experiences in GIFs

I just went to the wedding of one of my boyfriend’s friends on Saturday and came back Sunday morning, all cranky from a lack of sleep and a pounding head. Weddings back home have nothing on a Spanish wedding. I mean, how often do you need to stay in a hotel at the wedding site…

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apartment in Spain

Moving to Spain: Find an Apartment in Spain

So you’re moving to Spain? Congrats! Whether you’re coming to study, work, or participate as an auxiliar de conversación, your first goal is probably to find an apartment in Spain. Finding an apartment (or ‘piso‘ as they’re called in Spain) can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time moving here. I lived in 3 different…

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Spain Communal Fridge

Spanish Town Cutting Food Waste with Communal Fridge

A recent article on NPR talks about a town in Spain that’s cutting food waste with a communal fridge, the latest feel-good news story that’s spreading across the Internet. The small town of Galdakao is located outside of Bilbao, a Spanish city famous for it’s incredible gastronomy and ‘pintxos’ (the word for tapas in northern Spain) and is giving…

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Champions League Madrid Celebrations

Learn Spanish in Spain: How I Really Learned to Speak Spanish

Now that I’m slowly creeping up on my three-year “Spain-iversary” it’s kind of surprising to look back and see just how much has changed for me, especially the fact that I finally “mastered” the art of speaking Spanish.  It wasn’t an overnight process by any means, but I really did manage to learn Spanish in…

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